Friday, August 7, 2015

FEYISOLA ADEYEMI CEO for Simply Glamorous Fashion

FEYISOLA ADEYEMI CEO for Simply Glamorous Fashion

Africans are full of talent, history are made, be creative, artistic, and inspired as we join our Author Carol Azams in celebrating the talent we have among Africans living here in Ireland on the 8th of June register your talent. I am making a difference, 7th May@ the Rally Nigeria Embassy Ireland is another place you and I can make history, be there!!!.

A qualified educationist and a qualified trainer, with master's in  Business Administration and have undergo various training in different field. As a woman with various experiences, this helps me in delivering the best service I can in working with people and making peoples dream achievable.

Simply Glamorous Fashion here in Ireland and United Kingdom is a new upcoming business Initiated and Own by Feyisola Adeyemi standing beside me in the picture @ the "Miss Hot Chocolate 2014" in Carrick On Shannon, a woman of glamour, inspire with love and creativity in fashion, beauty and elegant. Make her dream come through by supporting what she does, wear her clothes collection, invest your money in her new line of Clothing Collection today, by calling her and making an order to buy!

SimplyGlamorousFashion, the top notch glamour house are excited to announce the birth of their new luxury clothing line "LimeLight"! The Company's distinctive tips and tricks on how to look glamorous for less led to the creation of “LimeLight” collection which are ready to wear luxury red carpet / cocktail dresses with limited edition. SimplyGlamorousFashion, a cutting edge lifestyle that covers everything on fashion, beauty and glamour was created in 2012 by Feyisola Adeyemi a.k.a D Red Carpet Queen, a Nigerian born radio broadcaster based in Dublin, Ireland. Started off as a blog but now a fashion house that designs and delivers top quality glamorous clothing across the globe. The exquisite collections will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2014 on SimplyGlamorousFashion website ( and there is something fresh to enjoy. However, the Line campaign was held on the 19th of Dec 2013 at the prestigious Castleknock Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. The glamorous event was graced by the likes of Mr & Mrs Adenuga, Peter Ani-Nzekwe, Publisher, Exclusive Magazine, Seed Vision of Afrovillage, Agelina, CEO of A2 Fashion Agency and many more. Below are some pictures from the campaign dinner party and also some samples from the collection, which was modeled by the CEO herself.

The Lady herself Feyisola, with her elegant smile, celebrating the love of her life.

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